Wandering through ISHIKAWA

Although I don’t think it is too much trouble to explain things in words, I do know that many things can be beyond description, which is why I have tried to include as many photos and movies as possible. Even so, images are unable to convey Ishikawa’s appeal sufficiently, so please come to experience them in person. We hope that you have the opportunity to visit not only Kanazawa, but also Noto, Kaga and the Hakusan mountain region. We want you to experience that they are not sightseeing areas of scenic beauty alone. It might be a good idea to visit neighboring prefectures too as tourism has no boundaries! In the end though, we still want to be Wandering through Ishikawa.

more than words...

だけど、Wandering through Ishikawa

WT Ishikawa Producer: 宝島 孝宏