2013 Bologna Children’s Book Fair Illustrators Exhibition at Ishikawa Nanao Art Museum


Location: Ishikawa Nanao Art Museum (1-1 Komaruyamadai, Nanao City, Ishikawa Pref.)
Duration: Fri Nov 8th – Sun Dec 15th 2013
Opening hours: 9am – 5pm (Entry allowed until 4:30pm)
Entrance fees: Adults 800 yen, university and high school students 350 yen, free admission for junior high school students and younger


This exhibition introduces prize-winning works from the Illustrators Exhibition at the Bologna Children’s Book Fair held every year in spring in the ancient city of Bologna, northern Italy. Initially this exhibition was introduced in Japan in 1978, and since 1988 it has been held at Ishikawa Nanao Art Museum every year, making this the 16th year to welcome the event here.
For the Illustrators Exhibition award, which began in 1967, five-paged entries of illustrations for children’s books are judged. Anyone over 16 years of age can enter, and everyone is judged fairly regardless of ever having had anything published or not. It is attracting attention as a gateway to success for aspiring illustrators, and as an opportunity to learn about the latest developments in children’s books.

This year we will be introducing the prize-winning works of 77 artists from 24 countries, out of the 3,147 total entries received at the contest from 64 different countries.


– Special exhibition (First Bologna then the World – Challenge by Japanese Authors): We will introduce the original pictures of 24 titles from 21 Japanese illustrators who have published picture books abroad though being selected for the Illustrators Exhibition award or by drawing attention from editors at the Bologna Children’s Book Fair.

– Movie corner: Scenes from the Bologna Children’s Book Fair including interviews with judges and prize-winning authors.

– Picture book corner: 100 works will be on display including a compilation of those exhibition works and picture books that received the Bologna Ragazzi Award at the Bologna Children’s Book Fair, as well as other recommended good reads.


1967年に始まったこのコンクールは子どもの本のために描かれた5枚1組のイラストを審査するもので、16歳以上であれば誰でも応募でき、出版経験の あるなしにかかわらず公平に審査されることから、新人イラストレーターの登竜門として、児童書の最新動向を知ることのできる機会として注目されています。

今年は世界64ヵ国3,147組の応募の 中から、24ヵ国77作家の入選作品を紹介します。


● 特別展示…「ボローニャ発世界へ‐絵本作家たちの挑戦」

● 映像コーナー…ボローニャ・ブックフェアの様子に、審査員や、入選作家へのインタビューを交え、生の声をお届けします。

● 絵本コーナー…展示作品の絵本や、ボローニャ・ブックフェアでラガッツィ賞を受賞した世界の絵本にお薦め絵本を加え、約100冊を展示します。


2013 イタリア・ボローニャ国際絵本原画展
場所: 石川県七尾美術館  (石川県七尾市小丸山台1-1)
会期: 2013年11月8日(金)~12月15日(日)
開館時間: 午前9時~午後5時(入館は午後4時30分まで)
料金: 一般800円、大高生350円、中学生以下無料


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