Fujima Shinnosuke, of Murasaki lineage and from the Fujima school, and whose appeal has spread from Japan around the world; and Morikawa Hirotoh the versatile multimedia artist (film creator, composer, photographer), held their dream collaborated performance Kanazawa-Enmai-Fushi at the city’s designated cultural property TUJIKE-TEIEN, which is the former guest house of the Yokoyama Family, chief retainers to the Maeda Clan. Fujima moves elegantly and dynamically in the translunary perspective of the world created by Morikawa’s impromptu and beautiful images of Kanazawa, creating an exciting atmosphere and drawing wild applause from the audience. The last full moon of the year illuminated the splendid and magnificent stage created by these two exceptional talents born in Kanazawa.
TUJIKE-TEIEN was reborn this winter as a wedding hall in Teramachi Town, Kanazawa. Not only is it receiving broad attention as a wedding hall representing Kanazawa’s graceful culture and history, but it also has great expectations of becoming a new tourist attraction in Kanazawa.

Performer: Fujima Shinnosuke
Music & Projection: Morikawa Hirotoh
Hosted by NPO Syuto Kanazawa















国内外で活躍する紫派藤間流の藤間信乃輔と、同じく金沢出身のマルチメディアアーティストのモリ川ヒロトー (映像クリエーター、作曲家、フォトグラファー)の夢のコラボレーション「金澤艶舞風姿」が、市指定文化財である前田家家老旧横山家迎賓館「辻家庭園」で披露された。モリ川の即興曲と金沢の美しい映像によって幻想的な世界観が付与された庭園内を藤間の舞が華麗に躍動する。二つの才能が呼応して織りなす絢爛華麗なステージを今年最後の満月が華を添え、会場は大きな歓声と拍手に包まれた。

出演:紫派藤間流 藤間信乃輔
主催:NPO法人 趣都金澤


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