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How can I find restaurants with menus written in languages other than Japanese?
I can’t speak or read any Japanese so I’d like to go to a restaurant with a menu for foreign tourists.

You can search for the type of restaurant you are looking for on the map or by category. Check the link below. They also have many descriptions about Japanese food.
(Ishikawa Prefecture Tourism League’s official site)


Getting a cab from Kanazawa Station to Korinbo.
We will be staying in a hotel in Korinbo and wanted to know how much a cab would cost to get there from the station.
Thanks, Mel

Cab fare should be around 1,000 yen and take around 5-10 mins.
For groups traveling with luggage, larger size cabs are available, just approach a taxi driver and they should be able to call one in for you.
There are also a number of regular bus routes, and information is available at the station (JR Kanazawa Station’s Tourist Information Counter or Hokutetsu Bus Information Booth).


How to enjoy Kanazawa on a budget.
What’s the cheapest way to visit Kanazawa?

Night or highway buses are by far the cheapest way to travel. Just google “night bus to kanazawa” or something and you’ll find available bus companies.
To save money getting around Kanazawa, there is a public rental bike system called “Machi-nori”


I’d like to sightsee around Kanazawa by bike, but where can I rent one from?
I’d like to go around the sightseeing spots without using taxis or buses, but walking takes up too much time. I’d like to rent a bike but where do you recommend?

OK. Some tourist facilities do lend out bicycles. Otherwise, there is a public bicycle rental system called Machi-nori, which has 18 docking stations around Kanazawa from where you can rent them. The basic access fee is 200 yen a day. By keeping rides to within 30mins, returning the bike to the docking station closest to your destination, you can use the bikes as many times as you like having only paid the basic access fee.
※ No additional charges apply for the first 30 min, however if you exceed 30 min an additional usage charge of 200 yen is added per 30 min.
(Kanazawa City Public Rental Bicycle Machi-Nori)


What are good sights to get a proper feel of Kanazawa?
I haven’t been to Kanazawa yet. I’d like to visit some places where I can feel the distinctive beauty of Japan. What places do you think can’t be missed?

The first thing people associate with Kanazawa City would have to be Kenrokuen Park and Kanazawa Castle.
Kenrokuen Garden is known as little else than one of the Three Great Gardens of Japan. The cherry blossoms in spring are absolutely stunning.
Kanazawa Castle, which is located adjacent to Kenrokuen, has an aura of the time when samurais lived, with its Ishikawa-mon Gate, stone walls, watchtowers, etc.
Nearby are sightseeing spots that still hold some of Japan’s traditional beauty, such as Naga-machi Samurai District, Higashi Chaya District, Asanogawa River and the old townscapes of Kazue-machi.
Another place famous locally is Myoryu-ji, or better known as Ninja Temple. It is a fascinating temple with a history associated to the Maeda family of the Kaga Domain.
The building is set up with various contrivances that were used to fool the enemy.
Why not wander through Nishi Chaya District for some more enjoyment on your way home.
Taking a walk along Saigawa River, right next to the bustling downtown area, is also very pleasant.
For good food you can’t miss Omicho Market, where people flock during the crab season. You can also enjoy a wide range of seasonal ingredients from Kaga and Noto all year round.


How do I get from Kanazawa to Wajima on Noto peninsula?
I’m planning to go from Kanazawa to Wajima for a day-trip or possibly stay a night. About how long does it take? Is it possible to get there by train?

As the train only goes as far as Anamizu station near Noto Airport, I’d recommend catching the bus straight from Kanazawa station. The long-route bus operate from Kanazawa Station East Exit Bus Terminal Platform 1 from 7:20 until 20:10 departing for Wajima ever 1 to 1.5 hours (there is also a service via Noto Airport). It takes approx. 2 hours to get there and the fare is 2,200yen for adults and 1,150yen for children. You can get there by car too, in about 2 hours, by using the Noto Satoyama Kaido (formerly Noto Toll Road) to Anamizu, which became toll-free in April 2013, and then changing to prefectural Road 1. The popular Wajima Morning Market is open from 8am until noon. (*Closed 1-3 Jan and on the 2nd and 4th Wed of each month.)

External Link
(You can book from English reservation form. Click on “English” to be directed to the English website.)


How do I get from Kanazawa to the Kaga Onsen hot spring area?
I feel like relaxing in a hot spring. If I don’t have a car does it mean using the bus? Please give me an idea of what the fare will cost too.

By bus, take the “Kaga Yunosato Tokkyu” from the Kanazawa Station East Exit Bus Terminal Platform 1. Departs every day at 14:55 (added service departs at 13:10 on Sat/Sun). The bus stops briefly at Kenrokuen-shita and Katamachi on its way to Kaga, however for those who haven’t caught the bus before it is probably easiest to catch it from the starting station Kanazawa. The bus stops in each hot spring area: Tatsunokuchi Onsen, Awazu Onsen and Yamashiro Onsen, before arriving at the final stop Yamanaka Onsen, roughly a 50km journey.
Fares from within Kanazawa City (Kanazawa Station, Musashigatsuji, Kenrokuen-shita, Korinbo, Katamachi) to the following destinations are as follows:
→ Tatsunokuchi Onsen – Adults 740 yen, Children 390 yen
→ Awazu Onsen – Adults 1,100 yen, Children 570 yen
→ Yamashiro Onsen – Adults 1,210 yen, Children 620 yen
→ Yamanaka Onsen – Adults 1,310 yen, Children 670 yen
The return trip departs from Yamanaka Onsen/Kikuno Yumae every day at 9:17 (added service departs at 10:57 on Sat/Sun).
※ Only one service is available there and back on weekdays, so be sure to plan with plenty of time to spare.
For those heading to Katayamazu Onsen, there isn’t a direct bus service, so take the train (740 yen) and get off at Kaga Onsen Station, and you can get there by bus (200 yen).
By car, get off at the Katayamazu Interchange and it’s about 2 – 3 km to Katayamazu Onsen.